Hi, I'm Heath. I'm a digital designer, artist, strategist & developer ...
swiss army knife.

*** Self proclaimed AFICIONADO / MASTER OF ***

I bring ideas & brands to life with intuitive design & innovative c0de.

I've been  working in the digital space for almost 20 years, on projects for brands like Cadbury, Samsung, Rosella, Whiskas, Coles, M&Ms, MasterFoods, Mars, & NOKIA, to name a few.


Most recently I've been working as digital design lead & creative technologist for Youi insurance.

Designing, building & maintaining the flagship consumer website, & providing art direction for all things digital.

Helping Youi grow from startup to one of Australia's most recognisable insurance brands.

I'm awesome at [**not modest**] a bunch of acronyms, like,UI,UX,CX, HTML5, SASS, JS, PUG , & PHP.

Using them with stuff like Photoshop, Illustrator,InVision, Sketch, jQuery, React, SourceTree, Bitbucket, GitHub, Slack,& Jira.